Our first book, The Galileo Syndrome is in its third printing. Our second and third books: The Fires of Home and The Dialogues of Sancho and Quixote were published in 2010. The Dirties, was published in 2011. Our newest book, Hobo Signs was published in January of 2015.


The following four books are a series:



The nature of this series is edgy. This edginess is the reason two major NY publishers agreed to publish the books, way-back-when, and then backed out. Frankly after completing the series, my ire for their actions has turned to understanding. There is no way for an entity (with stockholder pressures), to publish this series, profitably. Hobo Signs must be  available and Hobo Signs has taken 15 years to complete. If only Hobo Signs could have been published first, to alleviate all that confusion, but the nature of art  forbids that.


I would suggest reading Hobo Signs early in the series. Second to any of the other books is perfect. After you read the rest, I suspect you will read it again.


The Dialogues of Sancho and Quixote is satirical in nature.  An early version of Cimatebull. Class satire, as well as the historical nature of this book seems to be the most interesting parts for most people. The dialogues inside the book were originally put out on the web from 1996 - 2010.


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